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May 14, 2015: The World Keeps Spinning

Finally got a new layout up! It features Michaela DePrince, a ballet dancer who really inspires me. Her story is great! You should look it up.

Anyway, not really sure when I will be updating the rest of the site...

February 13, 2015: I'm Alive...Barely

As you can tell the site has been very neglected. I didn't even realize so much time had even passed since my last update. If you have een reading my previous updates, you will notice I mentioned I was getting married. I am now legally separated and going to file for divorce come November. Needless to say, my life is a little complicated right now. My advice, never get ready before you are ready! I hope to update the site with at least a new layout and maybe some art promises.

June 26, 2014: Almost a Mrs

New layout took longer than expected...couldn't make up my mind with who I wanted to feature. Found these pictures I really liked of Eliza Dushku and decided to use them. Getting married Saturday! So excited!!! Will have a lot of free time off this summer when the hubby is away at work. Hope to update the site and work on my skills. Until next time!

May 20, 2014: Wedding Work

Soooo planning a wedding really is work! I have been SO BUSY trying to get everything together and things are finally starting to come full circle. I could go into a whole bunch of detail about what has been planned and what is still left to do, but I don't want to be here all night!

Needless to say, that is the main reason I have not been updating the site quite as much as usual. Plus, everytime I start something, I end up disliking the way it turns out and delete it or redo it before posting. Also, I've been working on some textures, but it is not my strong point. Practice makes perfect, right? Hopefully I will decide on some that don't totally suck and post them soon!

Two pieces are added from challenges at BF (see above or art section). A new layout is also in the works!

March 30, 2014: New Art

Added in some new pieces...some I like, some I don't like as much. I'm trying to rediscover my style and it's proving to be more difficult than I thought. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

March 3, 2014: New Layout and New Art

A new layout already! I liked the Spuffy one, but it was just too dark. Spring is on it's way and I wanted to make a layout that was lighter and more...cheerful. This is what I came up with. What do you think?

Added in two new pieces. One is Fifty Shades of Grey and the other one is Buffy. Both were created for challenges at Buffy Forum. My inspiration/muse was wearing thin so I needed to do something to change things up.

February 13, 2014: Still Got Power!

Despite the sleet and freezing rain and snow, we still have power! I was able to add my new wallpaper "Just a Girl" in as well as a new affiliate. I may be adding in some more art today, but will not make a seperate update about it. Just check recent art if you ever want to see the newest pieces.

During exams, I had nothing better to do than doodle or write on paper while my students took their exams. So, I actually ended up starting a new fanfiction piece about Buffy and when she first found out she was the slayer. It's called "THe Early Years" and a link can be found above or you can click on writing and then fanfiction.

February 12, 2014: New Year, New Layout

Happy New Year guys! I changed the layout...was originally going to make this into a wallpaper, but decided to use it as the layout header. Not sure how I feel about it. I like the colors, but my laptop was not cooperating with me and I feel like it looks a little off alignment wise. Anyway, that's it for now. I have one new wallpaper to upload, which I will do in the next few days. We have snow, so I don't have to work! Hoping the power doesn't go out so I Can actually get the new art up. I also have some new affiliates to add. Will update with that too! I just need a break from starting at the computer screen.

e time I have the next few week before I start teaching again to add more. Now that I have a website again, I have all of these ideas running through my head for wallpapers, especially since I have spent most of my summer rewatching Buffy, Veronica Mars, and True Blood. More poetry will probably be up when I actually return to work. I left a lot of my handwritten poetry in a box on my desk that I need to type up. Anyway, thanks for visiting Beauty Mark and a special thanks to Bre, my wonderful host!

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